Unemployment in Mexico Revisited

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The Center for Hemispheric Policy received financial support for this publication from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State.  “Unemployment in Mexico Revisited”  by Jonathan Heath Visiting Professor Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Mexico City, Mexico March 26, 2014 __________________  The unemployment rate has always been one of the more important macroeconomic indicators in most countries. For complex reasons, however, it has never gained much acceptance in Mexico. Even the Central Bank ignores it, as it is hardly mentioned in its quarterly reports, and is absent from its monetary-policy announcements. A general perception exists that the numbers are not very reliable, are constructed with doubtful methodologies and are even manipulated by the government in order to hide a much more painful reality. Difficulties started with the first efforts to measure unemployment in 1972 with the Encuesta Nacional en Hogares (ENH), which was quickly replaced, together […]